‘All You Need Is Love’…the simple, inside-out wisdom of parenting…

AYNIL for blog

I have read books on parenting before, and I have written about books on parenting before. But I have not journeyed before with an author, as she talks, from a lived and honest position, about the highest highs and the lowest lows, the trials and tribulations, the complexity but also the refreshing simplicity…of the most human of experiences, that is parenthood.

In this book, Shelja brings together the life lessons from her years of lived experience, both as a parent and as a therapist, and combines this with the results of research on what works and does not work, and gives us, in simple and relateable language, the five anchors of parenting:

  • Connect: The relationship that is the foundation of parenting
  • Coach: Building the necessary skills in our children through an understanding of their unique wiring and temperament
  • Care: How to nurture yourself for a more wholesome life
  • Community: Building caring ecosystems for children to thrive in
  • Commit: How to sustain your courage and compassion through it all.

Most importantly, this is a book that makes us look within as parents- delve into our deepest recesses to stay mindful of our own vulnerabilities and pressure points, but also to be able to draw out, from these very depths, our most deep-seated reservoirs of love and connection and wisdom, to give to our children.

I would most unfalteringly claim that there is something in this book for everyone. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will resonate with some of your deepest experiences as a parent, but also as a child. It will make you drop your jaw in awe that parenthood could be so vast and complex, but it will also make you shake your head in disbelief that it could be so simple. As simple as saying and believing that…all you need is love, really.