Child Friendly News

A newspaper that is truly child friendly!

A newspaper that is truly child friendly!

In an age where news of bloodshed shares cover space with condom ads in every leading daily, how do we ensure that our children get their daily dose of news and current events in a language that they understand, and without having to make their way through reams of explicit content?

Enter Child Friendly News, a newspaper written keeping young readership and their needs at its centre. Child Friendly News was co-founded by Anita Mani, and born very much out of the need to explain news and current events to her own seven year old. As she says, “Every issue is written with children in mind. Each issue is in fact read by my son and his friends – no losing sight of the target audience here! ”

Besides presenting news and current affairs in a simple and reader-friendly language, other exciting features of CFN include The Book Nook, which introduces a children’s book in each edition, bits on sports and technology, as well as interesting little word scrambles and other games.

I love seeing young readers in our clinic’s waiting area sitting right next to their accompanying adults, one reading the adult newspaper and the other engrossed in CFN, and then comparing news and headlines in an atmosphere of utter seriousness and ‘grown-up’-ness!

Subscribe to CFN today and read-along with your 7-13 year old at home or as you drop them off to school. CFN is now available for free at most children’s organisations and schools too 🙂