Brain Training for ‘Luminous’ Minds

brain training

Since I often work with children with executive function difficulties, I am constantly on the lookout for apps and games that can help them in this area. Given the amount of time children and young people are spending on gadgets, it would be worthwhile channelising some part of this time into games and apps that will actually help them in real life, and yet, are fun enough for kids to want to spend time on them.

Lumosity is one such personal training app that can help your child get some daily exercise…for their brain! It creates a training program that is personalised for them, based on neuroscience research from top universities around the world. Lumosity scientists have taken common neuropsychological tests out of the lab and transformed these scientific tests into over 40 fun games! There are 5 games in a daily workout, each targeting an ability fundamentally important for school-aged children- memory, attention, problem solving, speed and flexibility.

Training with Lumosity 15 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week, can actually help kids challenge and exercise their brain, in a scientifically proven but fun way, that has enormous appeal for them. Remember that skills acquired through video games and apps will always have limited generalisability to real life, but there is no doubt that they do ‘fire those circuits’ and are definitely a better bet than endless hours spent on the same screens slaying vampires alone!