Roots: A Great Place to Go, With Kids In Tow!

roots entry1

In a city full of dazzling lights and ‘malling’ preoccupations, it is getting rarer and rarer to come across dine-in places that are child-friendly in terms of food, as well as ambience and recreation. With its ‘leisurely’ location in the Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29, Gurgaon, Roots- Cafe in the Park, still stands out as a welcome relief. This place ticks all my boxes for being a child-friendly place for many reasons:

  • With its part-enclosed and part-open seating space, punctuated with little winding paths, trees and lush yet non-manicured lawns, it provides enough space for kids to climb, run, prance, dance, and everything in between!
  • Slides, swings and trees still serve as age-old and time-tested ways of recreation, rather than the more widely seen TV and X-Box screens intended to ‘keep the little ones occupied’
  • They use fresh and truly organic produce to whip up a simple yet scrumptious menu that is interesting enough for children to want to try, yet as wholesome as ‘ghar ka khaana’.¬†What kids love most is choosing their own order and writing it on the little notepad brought to each table.
  • It isn’t just their food that is organic and environment-friendly- everything about their decor and energy use is too- a wonderful way for kids to see energy-saving in action
  • The adjacent Leisure Valley Park and Energy Centre (it even offers solar car rides!) are excellent add-ons for an enjoyable and fun family outing
  • They let out their open space for birthday celebrations- outdoor games, swings, balloons hanging from the trees…really, what more could a child want?

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