For Girls Growing Up


I am constantly looking for ‘growing up’ resources that are informative and yet written in a language that kids find easy to read. This book, brought to me by one of the little girls I work with, has been one of my best finds in this department yet.

Just for Girls: A Book About Growing Up’ by Parragon Books tells girls all they need to know about what bodily and other changes to expect, along with simple explanations of why they are happening. I particularly liked the simple and affirmative language they use to normalise differences in bodily and other domains of development, along with other necessary inputs on self care, hygiene, along with a portion dedicated only to bras and tips on how to select the right one.

I spent an entire session taking turns reading it aloud with this little girl, and answering her questions. Because of the child-friendly and easy-to-understand way in which it is written, it makes for excellent together-reading with any little girl on her way to growing up 🙂


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